The Story Arc… aka The MMSL Timeline

This is a brief summary of the ups and downs of MMSL’s development.



At this point there was no MMSL. Athol discovered that he could cross over pickup artist advice to married men and they started getting more sex in their marriages. He also figured out he could cross over standard marriage advice to pickup artists to help them create long term relationships, but the pickup guys didn’t want to listen and were broke.

So Athol decided to focus on the married guys who listened to him and had money.



January 1st 2010 the MMSL blog is born. It started on a Blogger platform and looked fairly terrible. But it had a lot of heart and spunk and Athol pretty much churned out daily posts all through 2010.

Fairly quickly, Athol started getting requests for email advice and it built up to a steady 2-4 hours of answering email advice every day. The next obvious step was to write a book. Athol and Jennifer cashed out Athol’s 401k savings, took the penalties and set about writing what would become the Married Man Sex Life Primer.

Then in August 2010 word came that Athol’s father had terminal cancer back home in New Zealand and time was running out to see him one last time. A fairly large chunk of the 401k money set aside for the book publication got chewed through to take the family home to New Zealand. Athol’s father passed away in November and Athol struggled with some serious depression in the aftermath as the remainder of the book publication money got eaten up by a terrible winter, a broken furnace and other assorted bad luck.



Athol ground out the Married Man Sex Life Primer 2011 and published at the end of March. It was, for a self-published book, an instant hit and remains a strong seller today. Rough around the edges, it’s a feisty book that demands your attention. The idea was to update the Primer with a new edition every year…

With the publication of the Primer, Athol and Jennifer end up on Inside Edition in America, Close Up in New Zealand, the Daily Mail Online in England, two Australian radio shows, a newspaper in Kenya and a video clip was made about them in Hong Kong.

Then the 15 minutes of fame were over and it was back to the grindstone of more blog posts and answering 2-4 hours a day of email. The book does bring in a little more money and things start turning around as Athol’s depression lifts.

At this point the MMSL blog and the Primer is all there is and it’s heavily aligned with a male only approach and Red Pill thinking.

Here’s a link to the old “Red Pill” introduction pages.

But now, the clamor has come to expand MMSL to include women and in April 2011, Athol starts writing the first of the Girl Game posts for MMSL and it becomes a more regular thing through the rest of 2011



This is the year MMSL starts to expand and strengthen. Athol made a 1st attempt to rewrite the Primer and failed.

In February Athol publishes his second book, a collection of 101 best blog posts from 2010-2011 under the title of Do These Pants Make My Ass Look Fat?

Athol made a 2nd attempt to rewrite the Primer and failed again.

In May Athol finally gets to quit his nursing job to rewrite the Primer and basically lies flat on his back for a month recovering from the double duty experience of writing MMSL and having been a nurse.

The plan was to open a coaching practice related to MMSL… but he was basically told it was going to be “too close to marriage counseling” and decided to step around the question of legalities and open a free forum instead. Thus the MMSL Forum was born and is as of 12/2/13 2500 members strong, with around 1.5 million page views a month.

The 3rd Primer rewriting attempt is in here somewhere. You’re probably noticing a pattern by now.

In August, Athol did a weekend retreat weekend for the US Army chaplaincy program, and he was either loved or hated with no reaction in between. No further interest arose though.

And a 4th Primer rewriting attempt. Ugh.

In late 2012 Athol began efforts to create a partnership with an outside source to turn MMSL into more of a training and seminar empire…



…and by mid-March 2013 it became apparent that nothing would come of it. Athol and Jennifer had a long discussion about the direction of MMSL.

Rebecca Watson (aka @Serenity) becomes a moderator on the MMSL Forum.

The 5th and final attempt of re-writing the Primer takes place and Athol churns out approximately 80 pages of quite brilliant work, that feels somehow wrong.

On April 8th Athol tosses the 80 pages of Primer material away, and begins work on The Mindful Attraction Plan.

On June 22nd, The Mindful Attraction Plan is on Amazon for sale. It is an immediate success and shoots to the #1 spot on Amazon in three sub-categories, netting dozens of five star reviews.

The Mindful Attraction Plan is a much lighter book in tone than the MMSL Primer and works to create a more positive mood change on the Forum, and sets in motion a whole cascade of positive changes.

Using The Mindful Attraction Plan as a base, MAP Coaching is created in late July and also becomes an immediate success. Athol has a completely full client caseload within six weeks.

In November, Jennifer gets to quit her job to join Athol running MMSL/MAP on a full time basis.

In December, expansion! Rebecca Watson and Brian C. Rideout join as MAP Coaches. Brian and Jennifer also join as MMSL Forum moderators.



There’s lots in store for 2014. Athol has encouraged both Brian and Rebecca to write books on their natural topics.

Athol has 1… maybe 2 more books due out next year.

More of everything. More coaching, seminars, webinars and hopefully getting some live events happening.

Stay tuned!